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What is an annual termite renewal agreement?

Pest-All Exterminating?s annual termite renewal agreement protects your home or other structure against a reinfestation of subterranean termites. It works similar to an insurance policy. If you choose to pay the renewal fee for that year, should subterranean termites return to your home during the year Pest-All Exterminating at no cost to you will perform whatever treatment is necessary to once again block termites from the structure.

Pest-All Exterminating is offering this renewal to you because at some point in the past we have chemically treated your home for the prevention of subterranean termites. Unfortunately, due to the nature of termites and termite treatments initial chemical treatments are sometimes found ineffective or can break down with the passage of time. If termites do return, rather than having to pay for another complete treatment, which today usually runs over $1,000, a person can maintain this renewal and have any additional treatments that may prove to be necessary performed at no cost.

This renewal is NOT payment for any particular service or inspection. As a service to our renewal customers Pest-All Exterminating will inspect their home for termites whenever necessary. We initiate inspections usually in the months between September and March with the goal of inspecting all renewal customers once per year. In addition, we will provide an inspection any time a customer calls with suspicious signs or needing something checked. However, the status and cost of a renewal agreement is irrelevant of if or how many times a home is inspected. If the renewal payment has been made at the appropriate time the house will be covered for retreatments if and when termites return regardless of whether it has been years or days since the house was last inspected.

This renewal is NOT a guarantee or coverage against any past, present, or future damage to the home that may be caused by termites. Termite infestations usually involve some sort of damage. Unfortunately, the extent and timing of termite damage is nearly impossible to determine. This renewal neither guarantees against past, present or future termite damage to property, nor does it provide for any repairs or compensation of termite damage.

Any additional questions regarding this termite renewal can be directed to our office at 513-275-4800