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Do-It-Yourself Products

Pest-All understands that some people simply do not have the financial resources to hire a professional to solve their pest problems. For this reason we offer a wide range of quality retail products to help people solve their pest problems on their own. We have products to treat most crawling insects such as roaches and ants as well as products for fleas, bed bugs and rodents. Unfortunately, there are no effective products that we can sell over-the-counter for termites.

When a customer comes into our office to buy a retail product they will not only get a quality product but they will also get valuable, free advice on how to use that product safely and effectively. They'll get information on how to solve their pest problem that they could never find on a product's label or in a big box hardware store. Our retail customers leave our office educated and confident as opposed to confused and questioning whether they are doing the right thing. And usually end up spending less money than if they had gone somewhere else.

Because of the high cost and time consuming nature of professional bed bug treatments, Pest-All recognizes the vital need for people to have something to use themselves to battle these blood sucking insects. As bed bug populations have exploded over the last few years so have the number of products marketed to kill bed bugs, and unfortunately most products are nothing but a waste of money.

An effective do-it-yourself bed bug treatment requires 2 vital components: quality products and the knowledge to use them correctly. You can rest assured that at Pest-All you will get both. We'll show you our products, give you a bed bug handout (link to handout), and spend the time to make sure you know how to use our products safely and effectively. We'll help you wade through all the bad information you have gotten off the internet and from your neighbors and make sure you can get rid of your bed bugs with out getting rid of yourself and your family at the same time.

Please call today for to discuss any pest problems you may have. If you cannot afford our services, we'll still help you solve your pest problems.

Bed Bug Handout